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VC Selections, selling a unique collection of menswear pieces. As a Toronto-based brand we incorporate the culture and style of the city into our mix and attitude. Over the month our selection has evolved to become a well-mixed assortment of contemporary designs involving printed pattern shirts.

About Us

VC Selections is a newly launched Toronto-based clothing line with the desire to create a selection of menswear clothing which reflects simplicity, originality, and creativity.

The journey started in the summer of 2013. Never expecting to work in the fashion industry, an ordinary man with a passion for great design, photography, and illustration decided to pursue a vision of creating his first clothing line. With a mix of quality, design, and craftsmanship, VC Selections was born.

Freshly launched in 2014, VC Selections’ first offering is a floral patterned shirt. Inspired by a hand drawn sketch, “The Florist” features a bold, unisex pattern that can be worn with formal attire, or in a casual setting.  



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